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Halloween Wand or Centerpiece...you decide!

October 18,2009
We made a magic wand a while back on No Time For Flash Cards and my son has been asking for a new wand. So with these pre-cut pumpkin doilies we picked up at the dollar store and some left over ribbon we made a pretty cool little wand. If you like, it could be used for a Halloween decoration too. Pop it in a flower pot ( if you live someone dry... we do not) or stick it in your autumn centerpiece! 1. Gather your materials. You will need a wood dowel, 2 pumpkin doilies or paper cut out in the shape of pumpkin, a black marker, double stick tape and some orange and black ribbon. 2. Start by making a happy jack-o-lantern face on your pumpkin. 3. If you want you can draw another face on the other pumpkin feel free, my son asked to do a sad face on this one. 4. Using double stick tape tape the dowel to the inside of one pumpkin. I put a few strips of tape to make sure it was strong. 5. Add your ribbon bow. 6. Decorate or play your choice.