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Halloween Crafts For The Home

October 26,2011

I know that I normally link to blogs with kids crafts, post about early learning and fun things to doi with your kids but sometimes I see so many awesome ideas I need to share. Halloween isn't just for the kids so check out these ideas to get your house Halloween ready.


Aren't those wooden pumpkins from Crafty Chic Mommy awesome?! The tutorial on her blog takes you through the steps perfectly so you can make some for your porch too!


I love how simple this wreath from Something To Do  is, but even more I love how it looks. Even the busiest parent could make this!

These blocks from Poppies At Play make my heart skip a beat. All I see if a perfect Halloween decoration and early literacy lesson all in one .. what other words can you make with these letters?

Last but far from least is this amazing ghost cake from I Am Baker. I can hardly ice a cupcake so I am in spooky awe of this amazing cake!