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Great Book For Babies

January 27,2012

My daughter loves babies and books and this book is one that I have fallen head over heels for too.

Global Babies by Global Fund For Children is a super simple board book with far reaching benefits. The book's text is short and follows the theme that all babies are beautiful no matter their origin. It focuses on babies from all over the globe that look very different from each other. The pictures are bright and big and my daughter who is 18 months old loves touching each baby's face carefully as we read. My favorite part isn't the babies from far reaching places but the two very different looking babies from the USA. The book isn't long enough to include the countless combinations of ethnicities of babies but I like that it shows a wide variety. I particularly like that both the Caucasian baby and a Native American one in a papoose represent the same country even if they don't represent every baby in that country.

Great book for all kids.