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Graphing Trick or Treaters

October 28,2010
My son is still pretty little and we don't venture too far on Halloween, choosing to stay in our neighborhood and limiting his candy consumption. One thing we are doing this weekend is making a graph and recording the costumes that knock on our door. 1. You will need a large piece of paper, marker, ruler and either a pencil or some fun pumpkin stickers. 2. Sit down and decide on some popular costumes with your child, depending on how old they are and how keen they are choose a few or many different costumes to track. Here is out list : Princess Firefighter Witch Pumpkin Spider Man Cowboy Spider 3. Make predictions about which will have the largest numbers of people wearing them, and the least. 4. As you answer the door tally the costumes. 5. Count and declare a winner! Have a fun and safe Halloween!