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Goals For School

August 24,2009
School is on its way! My son starts preschool in less than a month, so we've been spending a lot of time talking about it. We made this little goal chart today after talking about things he should try to remember at school. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a black, white and various colors ( of your choosing) pieces of construction paper, crayons to match, glue , scissors and a marker. 2. Draw an outline of a crayon, and trace it on your white paper. 3. Have your child color each outline with a different color crayon. 4. While they do that cut out the wrappers for the crayons. Simply cut rectangles of the colored construction paper out. 5. With your child decide on goals, reminders or anything else they want to share about school. 6. Glue the goals on the matching crayon. I snuck in a matching lesson too! 7. Let dry , cut out and glue onto the black paper. Post it somewhere you and your child can refer to it to stay on track or use as a reminder after a rough day .