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Gift Ideas For Teachers

June 03,2010
Having been a teacher I get this question all the time. What should I get my child's teacher for a gift? My answer : Nothing unless you can afford it. A heartfelt card will mean just as much if not more than anything. I have an envelope of cards , letters and notes from parents that mean the world to me and are among the things I would grab in case of fire or flood. That said most friends reply with "Yeah but what should I GET them?" It depends on the school, the class and your budget. I have worked at schools where families were struggling to make ends even get close to meeting and others that were very affluent and generous with material gifts. Both were appreciated equally. So stay on your budget. If money is no object a spa gift card was my favorite extravagant gift, nothing like heading to get a pedicure the last day of school or a massage after the first! Another favorite was a vase that simply said "Bloom" on it filled with flowers and a kind note that expressed a parent's appreciation for helping her daughter "bloom " during the school year. Coffee gift cards were accepted happily - but I am a bit of an addict, so check to see if your child's teacher drinks tea or coffee before buying. All of these were nice, genuinely appreciated but my favorites were ones that the kids were excited about giving. So involve your child no matter how young in the process. It teaches them gratitude and giving to others. Whether you are getting a bright yellow happy face clip board at the dollar store ( another fave I cherish) or a personalized marble paper weight from a boutique. I remember how excited both those students were jumping up and down unable to wait for me to open what they bought me. My son wanted to get his teachers chocolates this year, so even though I had a different plan I decided to go with his. Simple, and like those bubbly jumping students I got to experience as a teacher, my son was so excited to give his teachers truffles yesterday.