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Get Ready for Easter with Educational "Hunts"

March 31,2010
Use your child's excitement about looking for Easter eggs to boost some learning this week. No matter what stage of learning your child is at you can incorporate these games easily into your day. Sight Word Hunt For kids on spring break or during those cranky after school hours, this is a fun game to practice tricky sight words. Type or write out the words your child is currently working on , as well as some you know they will have no problem with to balance the challenge. Hide them around the house or backyard and go for it! Give them a basket, and let em go, when the time is up read through them together. Color Hunt This is a great game for toddlers. You can use anything from blocks, to plain old pieces of paper. Toddlers love finding things so using their natural ability to reinforce colors is a great way to learn. Number Hunt This is another customizable hunt, if your child only knows 1-5 hide a bunch of those numbers and have fun practicing! If your child is learning how to count by 2s, 5s or 10s only write out and hide those numbers. After they have found them it's time to count. Family Hunt This is an indoor hunt for sure but for young toddlers who like so many of us have family far away gather up some pictures , hide them and then sit and go through all the smiling faces, labeling them for your child. You may want to use eggs for this, to obviously mark what they are looking for, for young kids. Book Hunt Hide some books , have your child find them and then turn off the TV, turn the ringer off the phone, gather extra pillows and read through the tower of books !