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Get Moving Inside.

January 08,2012

Staying active in cold rainy weather isn't easy, well not is you want to stay dry. Here are a few family favorites of ours to get some energy out while keeping your house in one piece.

Bubble Wrap Jumping.

Tape some bubble wrap to the floor, set a timer and see how many pops you hear in a minute. Jumping non stop for a minute even for little kids full of energy is really tiring. This is my favorite burn off some energy trick .

Hide and Seek - spy variation.

I am sure you know how to play hide and seek. In this variation as soon as the seeker says "ready or not" you need to start moving too. If you get back to the home base before they do you win.

Timed Hunts

Just like a regular shape or color hunt when your children go off to find something yellow to bring back, this one is timed. They need to run. If your house is not conducive to running you might want to wait until nicer weather and try it out side but if you can make a clear path this will burn off the " I am bored..." whining in a snap.

Block Basketball

This is far from original but wow is it fun to throw blocks in a basket. I use painter's tape to have different start line for my kids who are 3 years apart and one even further for me. Trash talking is expected ( although respectfully doled out) and more before dinner energy is burned.