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Georaphy Toss!

March 21,2011

My kids are growing up in a multi- national family so we have always focused on flags, geography, and travel. This game takes flags outside to use gross motor skills as well as teaching about flags and opening up your kids to learning more about other countries.

Gather your materials. You will need some boxes, paper, tape, markers and a ball. We used a globe ball to keep the theme consistent. 

Do a google search for countries flags. Let your kids choose which to do.

Make flags with your markers using the images as a guide.

Tape them to your boxes.

Go outside

Set a start line ( we used our hose)

Throw! I started with just calling out the country then made a few riddles . " Throw it into the box with the flag of the country Grandma is visiting right now." etc...

This can be done with any subject - letters, sight words, colors and on and on.