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Garden Learning!

March 21,2011

It was beautiful today so we spent most of the day outside and as my son and husband planted some new plants and flowers in our yard it struck me how much you can teach by simply gardening with your children.

Print Awareness

Reading the little tags that each plant has teaches children that reading is not only for stories but print instructs the reader as well. We use reading to find out how to do something, like if a plant needs to be plkanted in shade or sun.


As you decide where to plant the flowers by grabbing a yard stick or measuring tape you can throw in a fun and relevant lesson about measurement.

Natural World

Grab a glass of water and drinking straw then examine the roots, talk about why plants have them. Offer your child a drink of water and compare it to how plants suck the water up through their roots.

Coordination and Confidence

Do not discount the importance of gross motor skills! Pushing wheel barrels, digging with a shovel, lifting heavy plants... these are all not only great physical exercice they are also confidence builders for many young kids. How often have you heard " Look what I can do?" when your kids are outside doing something physical? I know I do.

Whether it's gardening or nature walks, building a tree fort or going for a mountain hike your kids are learning everywhere .