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Fuzzy Wreath Ornament

December 12,2010

Are your breakable ornaments packed away waiting for a Christmas where no one tries to climb the tree? Ours are and so that left our tree a little bare. We have busily been making unbreakable ornaments to fill in the gaps. These are easy andsparkle like crazy in the evening when the tree is lit .  Kids can do the garland , although the pipe cleaners may proove to be a little frustrating for some so be prepared to help.

1. Gather your materials. You will need a plastic lid ( yogurt, oatmeal ... or in our case icing.), some garland , 2 pipe cleaners and that's it.

2. Start by cutting the middle out of your lid.

3. Next start wrapping the garland around the lid, going through the middle . Make sure to leave a bit of a tail to tie to the other end.

4. Tie the ends together.

5. Wrap the pipe cleaner around. This helps keep it tight to the plastic.

6. With the 2nd pipe cleaner make a loop to hang it to the tree.

Easy, sparkly and unbreakable....