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Fun Father's Day Idea

June 09,2010
Personal DVD! Today's families are busy, and if your house is anything like mine time together is precious. Sometimes parents have to go away for work and that can be hard on everyone. This is a fun Father's Day idea but can obviously be used anytime for mom , dad or other family members far away. As a stay-at-home-mom I am privy to little moments of silliness throughout the day , elaborate pretend play and spontaneous songs. To me this is why I stay home - I get to see these moments and wish my husband did too. I have started recording them on video , and will be putting them onto a DVD so that when he travels for work , even if it's too late to call he has a silly collection of videos that he can watch and know that a little 3 year old is missing him and waiting for him to come home. Blank CDs cost as little as $1 a piece and you can get nice cases for them almost anywhere ( bog box stores, drug stores...) . Have your child decorate the case and either present it on Father's Day or if you are like me and prefer a sneak attack, slip it into their bag as they are packing. Don't forget to tell them before they go through security at the airport though. Last thing you want is them exclaiming " I didn't pack that!" while in line .