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Freeze and Sort

August 01,2011

Have you noticed your 3 year old lining things up, putting all the police cars in one spot, all the garbage trucks in another? Sorting is a really natural thing to do but it's also an important pre math skill for young kids. I give my son ample sorting opportunities and try to slip in other experiences as well. IN this activity we talked about ice, temperature and what happens when ice melts. All while sorting colors! Super fun.

You will need a try or dish with dividers, a small tub, some tongs ( our cheap ones broke half way through so we grabbed our back up pair), some re-usable ice cubes and some real ice cubes.

Pinch and sort.

Explore- we explored which felt cooler on your hands, then your lips. The ice was cooler. We also explored why the ice got his hand wet but the re-usable ice did not.