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Food For Thought! - Lunch Lessons

October 20,2010
I am a big fan of using every day things, and events to teach young kids. Meal times are a great time for that. One of my favorite way to do that is to make a theme for lunch, here are some of the meals that were hits at our house. Color Meals Red - Pasta with red sauce, Strawberries and Red peppers! Green - Scrambled Eggs with chopped spinach , Green apples and broccoli. Yellow - White cheddar mac and cheese, Bananas and corn! Letter Meals B- Banana, Blueberries and Roast Beef Wrap. C - Cheese Sandwich, Carrots, and Cranberries. P - Pasta, Snap Peas and Peach yogurt. S - Soup, Strawberries and Swiss Cheese. Shape Meals Circle - English Muffin with jam, Banana sliced and a cheese stick sliced into little circles . Square - Ravioli with sauce, Peppers cut into squares and dip. or custom shapes with cookie cutters!