Flower Painting

Wed, 24/06/2009
Photobucket My son paints a lot so one of my favorite things to do is find new and fun things to use instead of a brush. The grocery store is full of wonderful things but you don't have to look past your own garden for this one! 1. Gather your materials. You will need some petals, or a full flower stem, a dish, paint and paper. Photobucket 2. Pour a little paint in the dish, dip your flower in. Photobucket 3. Start painting. My 2 year old loved this. He wanted nothing to do with the individual petals but adored using the full flower to paint. Got weeds at home? Dandelions would work beautifully for this! Photobucket 4. Add another color and keep going. Photobucket Remember that even if you have just painted with your child they enjoy small novel changes like this. No need for huge big projects every day, something as simple as this will feed their creativity .