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Flip Flop Wreath For Summer

June 14,2011

Looking out at the rain and wind doesn't make me feel like summer is right around the corner so I needed something bright and fun to get me in the summer spirit.

This was really easy to make , but this is not a kid project. The glue is hot and you need to hold each flip flop in place for a few moments whichmake fingers easy to burn. I did have my son help decide on the flip flop colors!

Gather your materials. You will need multiple pairs of colorful flip flops, hot glue gun and glue, some ribbon, artificial flowers and some cardboard or craft wreath.

I started by using a cut out from a clean pizza box for my wreath frame.

Start gluing the flip flops on.

There is a small window of flexability if you make an error but do not touch the hot glue!

Add flowers.

Add a ribbon

Hang up when dry.