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Fire Fighter Books!

August 29,2010
As Halloween approaches my son's obsession with firefighters and dressing up as one intensifies. When we went to the library for a mama son date that is the only book he wanted to check out. Here are 4 books we found and what we thought of them. Fire Fightersby Paulette Bourgeois is a great book. I would not read it to your tinniest firefighter ( under 3) but preschoolers who love fire trucks and the people who drive them will love it. There is ample information about fire stations, fighting fires and even fire safety. There are also all different types of fire vehicles highlighted so if your child is like mine and can tell you in detail why a pumper is different from an aerial ladder truck, they will love it. the little fireman by Margaret Wise Brown is a puzzling little book. Written in 1938 it doesn't quite translate to 2010 in my opinion. The story is about a big fire fighter and a little one who both save 15 fat ladies from burning buildings. My son loves it but he loves anything with a firetruck. I on the other hand think it's well... odd. What's Inside A Fire Truck? by Sharon Gordon is an informative non fiction book that doesn't just explain the insides for a firetruck but also what fire fighters do when that alarm rings. The text is just right for the 3-5 year old age group. Firehouse by Mark Teague is a book about Edward the dog who wants to be a firefighter. When he visits the firehouse he participates in a drill and things don't go so well but when a real emergency ( a cat in a tree) happens he saves the day. I love the illustrations in this book but the story is just ok. I would be less of a fan if my son didn't love this book, and if he likes it it gets at least a passing grade!