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Finger Painted Pumpkin

October 20,2011

Crafting with toddlers doesn't have to be complicated. This adorable pumpkin was easy to make and fun for my toddler to explore as we talked about colors and the pumpkins that are everywhere we go these days.

You will need a large peice of paper , we used our roll of craft paper but the back side of wrapping paper works great too. Orange and green paint as well as scissors , painters tape to tape the paper down and a marker.

Draw a pumpkin on the paper after you tape it down to the table.

Add paint to the pumpkin and dive in!

My daughter loved this , until she grabbed a fist full of paint and put it all in her mouth, then started crying. The paint was non toxic, she was fine just upset that it wasn't as tasty as she imagined.  It's a good reminder to make sure everything you use is safe for all ages.

Add the green stem and let dry. Cut out and tape up!