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Find and Stick Letter Hunt

September 10,2009
When children are learning their letters it's not only fun it's effective to make it a game. This activity was made up on the spot, when I noticed I had some left over alphabet stickers. My son loved it, The best part is that it can be used again and again , just keep adding ! 1.Gather your materials, you will need some markers, a large piece of paper and some alphabet stickers ( we used both upper and lower case). 2. Write out the alphabet on the piece of paper. 3. Randomly choose a letter, and hand your child the sticker sheet. Tell them to find the sticker, then put it on the matching letter. 4. If your child is able to match up lower and uppercase letters , introduce some lowercase stickers and keep going. If they need help don't stop, help them by saying things like " Let's try this together" and " I think this is an r what do you think?" . If they are frustrated, don't push, just keep it fun and the learning will follow.