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Fill and Spill - Infant Activity

March 08,2011

With all the baby videos, claims that you can teach your infant to read and other outlandish " infant education"  we forget what babies really need : things to grab, touch and manipulate.  This activity is so easy I didn't think it warranted a post until I shared my 8 month old's love of it and got many request for further explanation.

Gather your materials. Use a container that can hold enough toys to sustain your child's interest but that is too small for them to topple into. Also light enough not to hurt if it falls on them as they pull at it.  Lots of small infant toys. We have soft blocks, hard blocks, teething toys and a few plush toys. I rotate the toys because we play with this all the time.

Pop them in.

Sit your child down and let them explore.

Once everything is on the floor, fill it back up and give it back to them.

Yes that's it. Trust me they are learning, and they are exploring. Make sure everything can be put in their mouths because that is how infants explore. Don't scold them for that--it's developmentally appropriate.

What is your baby's favorite thing to play with?