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Field Trip and Report!

February 21,2011

I try to keep Friday a playdate / errand free day for my kids and I so we can do a planned field trip that we prepare for and use as a lesson after. Sometimes they are as big a headache as they were when I took 22  3 year olds to a very overwhelming museum in my previous life as a teacher, but not usually. This post isn't about prep though , insyead it's about turning simple field trips into fantastic memories, and lessons for everyone.

There are plenty of places you can go even if you live in a smaller community . Call the local fire department, nursery, grocery store or post office and see if they will give you a tour. We went to a local private garden to be honest I was pretty nervous because the grounds were extensive and I was already wearing my infant daughter so if my 4 year old got tired we'd be out of luck, I can't carry them both .

It was great .

Here are a few things we did to keep interest up in the less exciting parts .

1. Imagine

For us we pretended to find fairies in the moss garden, dragons in the Japanese garden and a knight when we got to the house on the estate.

2. Played Eye Spy with the sights .

For us it was trees, birds and flowers but even in a fire house or grocery store if the fidgets are starting you can play and get the focus back.

3. Math

We counted steps from one place to the next. Counted trees, made estimations about how many birds we'd see before we stopped at the next sight.

4. Let them take pictures!

I love seeing what my 4 year old captures!

When you get back.

Depending on your child's age and ability you can sit down together and write what the best part was and draw a picture like we did , or give them a few questions on a sheet ask them to answer them and then chat about it. Always talk about it :)

I hope your family field trips are fun, educational and most of all make great memories!