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Fast but Fancy Valentine's Treat

February 12,2011

Giving to other's is an important part of teaching your children about love. That love is a verb and one of the things we can do is make special treats for those we love . It was a rainy afternoon here so we searched online for fun easy recipes and found this one for Oreo Truffles  . So far so good, they were easy to make, and look cute too. We will take them to church in the morning and let the "old guys" ( my son's favorite elderly gents at church - they range from 70-95) taste test!

As you can see my son did his own taste test too. I know as a mom I am shy about making too many sweets because I don't want my son to have too much sugar but making them for others still gives you and your child special time together while giving back to your community.

My son also helped by crushing the oreos and mixing in the cream cheese ( no picture , we were using a electric hand mixer and I can't photograph that ;) )

and adding the spinkles .

Have a happy Valentine's Day!