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Fantastic Fillers For Easter Eggs!

April 22,2011

As creative as I am with crafts, lessons, and pretend play, when it comes to Easter Eggs, I just think one thing-- CANDY!  I can't help it -- you may not know this about me, but I love candy, and I have a serious love for all Easter candy .

Even though I put a very limited amount of "the good stuff" in my child's Easter eggs, I am still no good at brainstorming, since all my mind thinks of are jelly beans, robins eggs and Cadbury...glorious Cadbury!

Luckily I have the internet ( and so do you ), so I have compiled some great ideas from around the web. So if you are one of those parents I saw standing at Target looking unsure at the dollar spot, here are some things you can grab before Sunday.

Family Volley has a awesome list of things to fill those eggs with. My favorites she mentioned :

Fill them with clues leading to the next egg! How cool is that?  and Fill each egg with a piece of a puzzle and them after the hunt put it together.  Check out her whole creative list!

Crazy Coupon Mommy has wonderful ideas for toddlers. My favorites included :

Toddler socks and finger puppets! She has 13 other great ideas!

Despite many of the commentors disagreeing I think Lil Sugar's list of candy alternatives are great for kids that diets ( I am talking allergy type diet not loosing weight type)  don't allow candy .  Also cheerios are great for babies like my 10 month old who loves finding eggs too but is obviously too young for candy, even in moderation.

Also don't forget after Easter to have fun making cool art ( like the flowers pictured above)  with the left over eggs .