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Fancy Flower Garland

May 27,2009
Photobucket There is something so pretty about garlands. You can make this for a special occasion , Sunday brunch or my favorite reason, just because. Using doilies is an easy way to cut down on steps so the fun parts of this craft ( painting and glitter) can be the focus. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some small doilies, markers, glitter glue a hole punch and ribbon. Photobucket 2. Start by making your holes in the doilies, simply fold in half and punch hole, unfold and you will have 2 holes. Photobucket 3. Next using the markers color your doily flowers. My son was rather insistent on brown. Photobucket 4. Next step add glitter! Photobucket 5. Rub the glitter in and the colors will run, kids love this and it looks pretty too. Let dry. Photobucket 6. Cut a 4-5 foot piece of ribbon and start threading it through the flowers. Older children can do this,younger ones can help by choosing which flower to thread next. Photobucket 7. Sting it up and enjoy. Photobucket