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Emery Board Shapes

January 12,2012

My kids love building things and I am always on the look out for new materials to build with. Putting velcro on tongue depressors and popsicle sticks is a classic classroom material but when I saw a big old pack of emery boards at the dollar store I knew exactly  that's what I wanted to do with them.

By using emery boards we added another level of sensory exploration to a shape activity. 

You will need a pack of emery boards and self adhesive velcro dots .

Add the velcro to the ends Make sure the pairs all match up.

Add your builder! My son was shocked at first not expecting it to be rough, my daughter tried once to put it in her mouth and realized that she hated the feeling. Another bonus- she plays without mouthing them!

My kids have been playing with these for days and this morning my son created a light saber.  All I know is they are creating and having fun.