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Educational Gifts Under $5

December 18,2010

Will you be one of the many out at the stores this week, finishing up holiday shopping and grabbing last minute gifts? You can find all 5 of these ideas almost anywhere if you are really in a bind but feel good about giving something educational.


Yes , readily available, easy to pack oh and cheap! So what is so great about stickers? Peeling and sticking them on things ( hopefully paper or cards, not walls or windows) works your children's fine motor skills. You can also sort and count them!


Cheap Maze Books

You see them at big box stores but these little books are great for reluctant writers like my son. They require your child to carefully use a writing tool even though they aren't writing letters. Also they are doing something authetic not just practicing letters!


Colorful Markers

I love getting new markers and it's amazing what you can inspire a child to create when they are handed something they thought was off limits ... like sharpies. I am not suggesting you close the door and let them color their walls ( although if you are cool with that I am in awe!), but they may just take more care when they are forced to.


Foam Bath Letters

These are favorites in our house and have been for years. They are inexpensive, can be used in the bath or out and are great for families with kids of various ages. Part of early literacy is simply being comfortable and exposed to letters and print, so before they start learning to read play with letters.


Blank Notebooks

So simple we forget how wonderful a fresh empty notebook can be.It encourages story writing in older children and writing in younger ones. My son uses one as a police notebook and writes tickets with it. Possibilities are endless.