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Edible Finger Paint

July 07,2011

One of the most common questions I get from parents is what to do when their kids put art materials in their mouths. My responses are always to watch carefully, avoid choking hazards, use only materials from companies they trust ( I am a Crayola devotee, and no I wasn't paid to say that! ), but there is another option... edible paint!

This is great for any age but I specifically like it for babies and toddlers who are still genuinely and appropriately exploring with their mouths.

You will need some plain yogurt, food coloring, containers, a spoon, a bib or smock and a few wet cloths for clean up.

Start by mixing a few colors into the yogurt. I like using plain yogurt because it's not as sticky as flavored - and anything to make clean up easier is worth it.

Next give them a little to explore.

Add more colors.

If they eat it no biggie!