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Easy Texture Board

July 24,2011

My daughter loves touching the stove. We also have an open floor plan and did I mention she screams non stop in a play pen? I know I just made you all want kids or more kids or you have just said to yourself " Oh thank god my child isn't like that!"

She likes the high chair though, she just gets bored. So to keep her busy I made this texture board for her to explore while I do things like take hot things out of the oven!

You will need a old cutting board, some duct tape, and various things from your kitchen that have different textures. I used netting from a bag or shallots, some press and seal, foil, a ceareal bar that she'd already mashed in her hands and some egg carton.

Secure the items down with the tape on the board. I wrapped the tape all the way around the board so she wouldn't be ripping the tape off.

Make sure everything is secure.

Explore. As they are playing interject from time to time with " Is that sticky?" " Does that feel rough?" labeling the textures they are exploring.