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Easy Snow Sensory Play

January 03,2012

I don't know about you but we got a lot of packages at Christmas that included packing peanuts. Well this easy sensory bin uses them for play.

You will need them, some plastic snowflakes ( look in the craft aisle or Christmas clearance sections) and cotton balls.  A big container and some tongs ( we get ours at the dollar store).

Start by putting in your cotton balls and packing peanuts.

Add the smaller snowflakes.

Play - while your kids are playing talk about how soft the cotton it, squishy the peanuts are and hard the snowflakes are.  Ask older kids why they think the snowflakes fall to the bottom.

Use the tongs to separate the snowflakes from the rest. Tricky and wonderful fine motor practice, kids love challenges!

When you are done pop it in a large ziploc and store for another day.

* please remember that this is not for children who are still mouthing items . Use caution and stay close, these are potential choking hazards.