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Easy Foam Bracelet Craft

March 14,2011

What can I say I like colors, my brainstorms this month were centered around St.Patrick's Day but seemed to all end up being about rainbows. This craft is easy to adapt to any color palet though so if you aren't as into rainbows as we are maybe turn it into a patterning lesson.

Gather your materials.  You will need some craft foam, some thick ribbon, some clear tape, scissors and a hole punch.

I used scrap foam , remember how I told you we are preparing to move soon and I need to get rid of my surplus craft supplies? Yeah this is a "Spring cleaning " use what I have sort of project for sure. It doesn't use much foam but the craft is still colorful and fun.

Cut the foam into shapes, we did squares.

Punch holes and get them in the order you want ( if you are patterning prep the pattern now).

Tie a loose but strong knot at the end of your ribbon.

Make a hard needle for your ribbon by wrapping a piece of clear tape around the end.


When you are done measure your your wrist and tie.


Fun, easy and great for fine motor skills too!