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Easy Butter Making !

May 26,2009
Photobucket Does your child like butter? When we bake I can't turn around if the butter is within my son's reach. So instead of just saying no, I decided to show him how to make it. I have fond memories from preschool making butter and was excited to share this with my son. 1. Gather your materials. A baby food jar is the perfect size for little hands. Plain old whipping cream is all you need. 2. Help your child pour the cream into the jar, fill it about half way. Photobucket 3. Start shaking your jar. You will have to shake it for 5-10 minutes. Take turns. With older children you can take predictions for how long it will take, and set a timer to see who's prediction is the closest! Photobucket 4. When the cream starts separating you will hear louder thumping, open up the jar to show your child how the liquid and solids are coming apart. Pour off the liquid. Photobucket 5. Chill the butter , you can add salt, garlic, chives... the sky is the limit. Photobucket 6. Spread it on some toast or crackers and enjoy knowing you made the butter! Photobucket