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Easiest Christmas Cookies Ever

December 11,2011

I love making things with my kids but since having a 2nd baking with them is just not as fun... with an active toddler and a preschooler watching all  20 fingers and where they are going is much harder. So when it comes to making treats for pot lucks  I cheat.  I skip the icing and keep decorations to a minimum , forget the scratch cookies ( dude I am busy - dinner is scratch , pot luck cookies not so much).


These are my cheater Christmas cookies and they rock. Oh and they are so easy you can get your five year old to decorate while you nurse the toddler.  Now that is easy!

You will need some premade sugar cookie dough, a little extra flour, a donut cutter, and M&Ms. We also used smarties( Canadian/ UK ones not the Halloween treats) so we could have some cookies  with no artificial food color as we try to limit it.

Cut the dough out into wreaths using a donut cutter . I pinched off handfuls of the dough , used a sippy cup for a rolling pin and cut them out.

Decorate. If you have the time you can turn this into a patterning lesson too.

Seriously how easy ? Huge props at the pot luck too.