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Do's and Don't for Reading With Your Toddler

February 01,2012

Do read every day.

Don't choose books too long for short attention spans.


Do find books easy for fumbly toddler hands to manipulate like board books .

Don't expect them to be able to flip regular pages without ripping them accidentally ( or not so accidentally). Set them up for success.


Do let them pick the books to read with you and develop positive associations and favorites.

Don't tell them no when they grab that same book for the 47th time, that's normal and not a bad thing.


Do take them to the library.

Don't force them to sit at story time. If they don't like it go explore, find your own books and read.


Do play with books and make reading time special. If possible find at least one time every day with no screens on , to focus only on reading.

Don't use books as a punishment " That's it not more playing, the tv is off, go get a book !"or give kids books during timeouts. Keep book associations positive.


Do make choosing a new book ( whether at the library , goodwill or a book store) a treat.

Don't worry if all they want are poorly written TV character books, just fill in the gaps with other great picture books.