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DIY Oversized Dry-Erase Board

August 05,2011

Little kids write BIG letters when they are first learning to write. If you have a child like mine who is stubborn just like his mother independant having a large space to write ( and wipe off mistakes) easily is a life saver. I made this for his new ( soon to be revealed) playroom in our new house. I was going to keep it a secret from him but when he asked me how to spell "Optimus Prime" I knew he could do it himself on this huge space so I grabbed it from the hiding place and he got to work.

You will need a cheap plastic poster frame, something as a backing, I am using a plastic table cloth but anything will do. I had dry erase crayons but didn't love them, so we grabbed markers instead.

Open your frame, lay the backing down and cut to size, tape to the back.

Reassemble the frame.

Write and enjoy!

Look at those huge awesome letters! Best of all he loved writing on it!