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DIY Memory Game

May 25,2009
Playing games with your children is a chance to bond, play and even teach while having fun. This do it yourself memory game is super fast to make, and even toddlers can play! Photobucket 1. Gather your materials. You will need 2-3 sheets of foam all in the same color. 2 identical sheets of stickers, and scissors. bug_game.jpg2. Cut your foam into squares. Do not fret about perfection, your kids won't care and the game still plays the same way with slightly not perfect squares. Depending on the age of your child make a few or many squares. Photobucket 3. Add your stickers, my 2 year old helped me stick them on. Photobucket 4. Lay them all out and explain the game to your child. For my toddler I kept it simple. Our goal was simply to match them. We weren't playing against each other, instead we worked together. After the first round he grasped it and was able to play independently. Hearing him say " Ladybug? No Spider, try again" was music to my ears! It took 3 minutes to make and we played with it 10 times that long. Photobucket