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DIY Magnetic Frames

May 06,2009
Photobucket My son and I made these photo frames for his grandmothers and great grandmothers last Mother's Day .They were such a hit I am sharing them here. The beauty of these frames are that if your family is like ours, we are scattered all over North America and shipping gifts can get expensive. Foam is light and they fit into a 6x9 envelope not problem with room for a card too! 1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 5x7 foam sheets in the colors of your choice. Glue, scissors,a picture of your child, magnetic strips and a plain old pen. * If you or your child wants you can also use markers to color or decorate the foam sheets. Photobucket 2.Trace the edges of the photo to make the frame opening. When you cut, you will want to cut on the inside of the line by about 1/4 " . So the pen mark will still be on the back of the frame. Photobucket 3.Cut and set aside. Photobucket 4.Add the magnetic strips to the back of a 2nd sheet of foam. Photobucket 5. Flip the back sheet over and glue your picture on. Photobucket 6. Add glue around the edges and add the frame from step #2Photobucket 7. Now is when the little guys can really help, although if you are doing this with an older child they could have been helping all along! Draw some shapes on the foam. Photobucket 8. Cut out Photobucket 9. Have your child glue them on the frame. Let dry. Photobucket Don't forget to include your child in the next few steps, sending it off at the post office or wrapping it up as a gift. Here is a fun activity for Fly Swatter Wrapping Paper if you want to make your own!