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DIY Foam Ornament

December 10,2009
This was not a kid made creation but it was a kid directed one. My son asked me why we don't have any firetrucks on our tree and then promptly asked me to make him one. I never shy away from a challenge so we made this, me doing the grunt work and he telling me what colors of our favorite sparkly sticky back foam to use. I think we make a good team. 1. Gather your materials, you will need some cardboard for backing, a few sheets of sparkly foam a marker and scissors. 2. Start by drawing on the cardboard a general outline. Cut out. 3. Use the cardboard as a template to cut out your first layer of foam , in our case the red. 4. Cut out the extras, like wheels, windows and striping. 5. Layer all the foam on the cardboard. 6. Poke an ornament hanger through the top and hang it up !