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D is For Diggers !

April 10,2010
My son loves books, he also loves diggers! If memory serves me correctly "Didder" was one of his first words that wasn't a family member or request for food. In the 2 years since his love of construction vehicles hasn't waned . Here are 3 books about them that you can share with your kids. Barney Backhoe and the big city dig. by Susan Knopf has been a favorite in our house for over a year. Barney Backhoe isn't the only construction vehicle in this book, all his buddies ( an excavator, front loader, grader and bulldozer) are here too. They are all working together but on his way Barney runs into a series of interruptions. Barney is disappointed when his friends have all made it to the job site and worries he hasn't helped out at all. That isn't the case though and the readers discover that good deeds are always worthwhile. I'm Dirty by Kate and Jim McMullan is a book that will appeal to dirt loving, mud pie making , truck fans! What will appeal to parents is the counting book hiding in the middle of this book all about a backhoe who loves dirt and garbage. I also appreciate the alliteration and onomatopoeia in the text . My son just plain liked this book, it's silly, and all about getting messy and dirty something he too enjoys. Diggers by Fiona Watt has been on our shelf for almost as long as I have been reading to my son, which was before he was even born. This book is perfect for babies and toddlers. It's a touch and feel book, that encourages little hands to feel rough rusty buckets, bumpy muddy wheels, and more. The illustrations are bold and bright and the touch and feel sections are varied so your child has a great variety of sensory experiences. Disclosure: None of these books were sent to me for review, they are library books and from my own home library.