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Cupcake Garland - Perfect For Last Minute Celebrations

May 27,2011

I love cupcakes and one thing I always have on hand are cupcake liners . Well this easy garland uses them to make fun last minute ( or well thought out) decorations for your celebrations. I made this one to celebrate a fun day we'd had, nothing major , no need for balloons but as every stay at home parent knows that when you don't look at that clock until 5 minutes before backup arrives you have had a great day. So celebrate!

You will need some ribbon, cupcake liners ( I used 2 sizes), scissors and double stick tape.

Start by cutting a piece of ribbon .

Poke holes through the middle of your liners. I used the end of my scissors which worked fine but was a little messier than I'd hoped. Use a hole punch ( a small rectangular shaped one if you can).

Thread the ribbon through your liners in a big little pattern.

Place tape between the big and little liners. It will tape them together but also keep the liners from shifting on the ribbon.

Hang up and celebrate something, even little things deserve a garland!