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Crafty Spotlight : One Pretty Thing

February 12,2010
There are a lot of sites that have great craft links but one of the very best is One Pretty Thing. One Pretty Thing has all levels from crafts for toddlers to advanced sewing projects. Both are filled with inspiration and I find myself gasping with aw often! Here are my 3 favorite from One Pretty Thing: As a Canadian myself I have to tell you nothing makes me feel more like I am at home than a Nanaimo Bar, and putting an Olympic spin on it is perfect! Find the How to at The Kitchn . For more Olympic Crafts check out One Pretty Things Olympic Round Up. I bookmarked this alphabet art project from How does she.. as soon as I saw it. Trying to decide if I should make it for the nursery. For more DIY projects check out the plethora of DIY links at One Pretty Things Daily DIY. This Valentine's Heart Match Game from Blue Cricket Design is so precious and great for a wide range of kids from toddler to school age. For more Valentine's Crafts Check out One Pretty Things's Valentine's Round Up