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Counting on Lunch

December 09,2010

If you haven't figured this out yet I love themes. I love teaching with them and I even love feeding my kids with them . Today's them was the number 4 ( but the lesson was simple subtraction) and was such a big hit I wanted to share .

Preschoolers generally don't need much food and some kids get really overwhelmed ( especially with new foods) if a huge amount is dished out even if they aren't being forced to finish.

Choose a realistic number ( or cut into tiny pieces) and find a fun way to present it. As my son ate I asked him " How many of each item did you have? How many did you eat? How many are left?

He was subtracting! Of course I was casual about it but thrilled inside that he was getting it, eating a balaced meal and having fun!

What themes or lessons have you tried to sneak into lunch ?