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Count and Clip

July 20,2009
Photobucket My main blog is called No Time For Flash Cards and my whole goal is to get kids learning in fun , creative ways , not simply parroting back info from flash cards. That doesn't mean flash cards are evil, but when I do use them I like to include my son in making them and add in fun dynamic learning to make the experience authentic and memorable. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard ( my favorite are cereal boxes), 4 colors of crayons, matching clothes pins if available if not plain old clothes pins are equally good, a marker, and scissors. Photobucket 2. Draw a square for each number you are doing. I only did 4 for my son who is two and a half, if he was older I'd add a few more. Follow your child's abilities. Write the digit and the number in the box. Photobucket 3. Have your child color the boxes. If you have colored pins make sure it's only one color for each so there is a color matching element to it as well. If you are using plain pins don't restrict them just let ' em go for it. I don't trim the cards at this stage because if you leave some room your child will be more apt to color all the way to the lines. Photobucket 4. Trim the cards. Photobucket 5. Grab the clothes pins and play. My son had so much fun he was pretending the clips were alligators and the cards were cookies. The alligators would roar as they "bit" the cookies. Photobucket