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Cookie Mold Crayons - Toddler Art

June 05,2011

My daughter is starting to really explore the world around her and also use her hands to explore objects. With her development we have started some fun super simple art . With young toddlers ( my daughter is just about 1) I suggest never being out of physical reach from your child. Not until they are older can you safely use simple projects to give yourself time to step away ( while still supervising) to stir dinner on the stove or fix yourself coffee. With infants and toddlers you must be able to take things out of their hands/ mouths if they become a hazard. These crayons are no exception. Even though they are tougher to break than the little regular crayons they can still pose a choking hazard if a small piece breaks off and you should not allow your child to put them in their mouth.

That said as you can see her sheer joy at playing and being a part of art time is well worth the careful supervision required to have fun.

To make these crayons you need to get the candy covered cookie mold ( I used one I found at Micheal's in the candy making section) and old crayons.

I melted the crayons in an old pan in the oven at 250 then carefully poured them into the mold, let cool and popped them right out. You can also just use an old muffin tin .

Then with infants a greta tip is to use painters tape to tape down the paper whether you are painting or coloring, it keeps it in plce and gives them an obvious target for the crayons/ paint.

Have fun.