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Colorful Reading

August 20,2009
Teaching your children about colors can happen anywhere, a game of eye spy, an afternoon painting and sitting down to read. Here are a few fun and colorful books to share. A color of his own by Leo Lionni is a sweet tale of a chameleon that doesn't want to continually change color, he wants to be like other animals and have a color all to himself. This is a great book for toddlers who are just learning colors because there are a limited number of colors on each page. The story is delightful as well, the chameleon never does find his own color but he finds a true friend to share all his changing colors with. Colors Everywhere by Sam McBratney follows the familiar Little Nutbrown Hare as he explores the colors all around him. What I like so much about this book is that while exploring the colors they see Big Nutbrown Hare asks Little Nutbrown Hare which shade he likes best. Asking your children for their favorites can open up discussions and make learning more dynamic. Very cute book. City Colors by Zoran Milich is a simple book with no text other than a label for one color per page. Each page has a picture of something in the city, close up and then again in full view. It's a fast read but it's simplicity is brilliant. Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri is on the very top of my must buy list. Of all the books I've grabbed at the library this year , I think this is my favorite. Farmer Gray goes away and while he's gone the farm animals paint the barnyard. They paint with red, yellow , white and blue at first but soon they start mixing colors to make purple, green and orange. Teaching color mixing can be tricky and this book does it seamlessly, while entertaining the reader. Ready For Red by Candace Whitman is a book devoted just to the color red and all the places you might find it. From salad fixings, stop signs and a red ball this book finds this color everywhere. This book may not be a bedtime favorite but it is a great tool when introducing this color to your child.