Color Mixing Snail!

Mon, 26/04/2010
I love it when simple activities like this one can bring together multiple lessons. This craft can be done by the very youngest toddler but is still fun for a 5 year old. Exploring the color mixing is the main lesson but learning about bugs, as well as older children can also be challenged by doing the cutting. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, some yellow and blue finger paint, scissors , a marker and a pipe cleaner. I didn't include googly eyes and glue for this because it's really intended for toddlers who may still be putting things in their mouths. But if you are doing it with an older child that would look awesome! 2. Squirt some blue and yellow paint on the paper plate. 3. Let your toddler explore and mix the paint colors together. 4. Let dry. Cut a spiral to make a snail. Trim the beginning of the spiral to make a head. Draw on eyes and a mouth. 5. Add a pipe cleaner for antennae.