Collage Sun !

Thu, 21/05/2009
Photobucket I don't know about you, but we have not had nearly enough sun lately. I keep thinking it's March, not May. We decided to make our own, and share it with you! 1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, a large piece of yellow construction paper, glue, scissors, a marker and what ever yellow craft materials you have available cut into small pieces( tissue paper, pom poms,foam, scrap paper...). Photobucket 2. Start by drawing a sun on the paper, use your plate in the middle as a guide to make sure it's big enough. Your child can paint or color the sun as well, with toddlers keep it simple, but older kids will benefit from more steps. Photobucket 3. Next cover the bottom of the paper plate in glue. Photobucket 4. Start adding your yellow scraps. Photobucket If you are adding pom poms you will need lots of glue. Keep going until it's covered. Photobucket 5. While your child is gluing, cut out the outline of the sun. 6. Glue the plate to the construction paper and let dry. Photobucket