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Circle Collage!

June 25,2009
Photobucket When I am first teaching shapes it's fun to focus on one at a time every now and then. Not only is it easy reinforcement of the shape recognition the crafts always turn out to be adorable. Depending on your individual child you can choose to focus on just colors, just comparing/ sorting big and small shapes , both or simply let them create. This is a versatile activity with lots to offer. 1. Gather your materials. You will need 1 full size piece of construction paper. Multiple colors of smaller ( scrap is perfect) pieces , glue and either scissors or paper punches. Photobucket 2. Draw a large circle on your paper. Photobucket 3. Cut out. If your child is able to do this themselves, by all means they should be doing it! Photobucket 4. Cut out or punch 2 sizes of smaller circles from the colored scrap paper. If you want to make it more challenging use 3. Remember to label the circles a "Large" and "Small". Photobucket 5. Add a designated number of glue dots. We are learning about colors, shapes and sizes why not through in some counting. Of course if this it too much to take in, back off a frustrated child isn't learning a thing. Photobucket 6. Add the dots. Here you have choices to make , you can say " Can you find the small green dot and add it?" or maybe " Choose your favorite large dot" ... mix up the questions so there is a small challenge for them. Take turns if you want. My son liked being the asker- but by asking the questions he was still learning the same concepts. Photobucket 7. Let dry.