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Christmas Card Recycling

January 06,2010
What to do with all these holiday cards? You can't keep them hanging up all year, I say take them down and use them for an easy cut and paste project. Scissor skills are important for developing the muscles in the hand that are used for writing , so break out the safety scissors and glue. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some holiday cards, a sheet of construction paper , scissors and glue. You can add more extras to the collage if you want ( like sequins, tissue paper or glitter)or keep it simple like we did. 2. Cut your shapes out. We usually do cutting together, at 3 my son still gets frustrated if he wants a specific picture cut out and he cuts into it. Use your judgment in finding that balance where your child won't get frustrated and loose the joy but you are also allowing them to do as much as possible. 3. Add glue. 4. Add your shapes. 5. Add a title if you are so inclined and let dry. Recycle the rest of the cards !