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Cheat Sheet ! Super Easy Craft!

February 01,2010
We made these for a friend's birthday but they are a beautiful Valentine's gift as well. We used printed cupcake liners but using plain and drawing on them would be a great way to involved younger children. Either way it's fast, cute and not at all messy! 1. Gather your materials, you will need some green and red pipe cleaners, some cupcake liners and tape. I have scissors as an option if you want to cut the liners to make fancy shaped flowers. 2. Start by flattening the cupcake liners. This was the only step my 3 year old did, this really is a craft for kids a little older than him. 3. Tape a green pipe cleaner to the inside of one liner. Add more tape . 4. Match up a 2nd liner and press. 5. Make a few and using the red pipe cleaner wind them together in a bouquet!