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Butterfly Drink Markers

June 20,2011

I hope you like butterflies because I have a few crafts this week with that theme - my daughter's birthday party is all about butterflies and so I will be sharing some of the fun crafts we are doing here. I love how these turned out and not only can you do a butterfly you can pretty much adapt this to any theme.

You will need some card stock ( regular construction paper is too flimsy), a pencil, scissors, silly straws and a marker. You may also want to use a stencil ( anything can be a stencil if the shape is right).

Start by drawing the shape on the card stock.

Cut out. I cut out 3 layers at once and it was one layer too much, I ended up having to trim it all up.

Fold in half make two slits in the cardstock.

Slide the straw in.

Add a name and some lemonaide and no one will mix up their drinks at the picnic!